Through our partner, Murray Wamble Risk Management Solutions, we offer affordable and time sensitive services to help you get approved by Third-Party Pre-qualification Provider ISNetworld®

Third party verifiers such as ISNetworld® provide an excellent services of ensuring contractors are compliant and safe prior to working.  Murray Wamble and CRS ZeroLoss shares the same mission.

  • Within 12 to 72 hours we help companies submit and complete all of their requirements in order to achieve approval for ISNetworld®.
  • We have one of the most comprehensive assistance program available within the industry to help you completely through all of the requirements in a very short period of time with little to no effort on your part.
  • We do all of the work and take the pressure and burden off of you. Our OSHA safety programs will comply with your local state and federal OSHA regulatory requirements.
  • We handle your program’s completion and submission of all uploads. The time-consuming hassles of submitting each individual chapter is taken out of your hands


ISNETWorld ServicesWhat types of documents are submitted in ISNetworld?

From FAQ page of IsnetWorld:

The documentation may differ based on the Owner Client’s requirements.  Documents which are submitted for review in ISNetworld may include:

+Insurance Certificates

  • Owner Clients provide their insurance requirements to ISN so their specific requirements can be configured within ISNetworld.
  • ISN reviews contractor’s certificates of insurance according to the review requirements of the Owner Client.

+Written Safety Programs

  • The ISN RAVS Team will review your company’s written health and safety program for conformance with regulatory and/or Owner Client’s standards.
  • Your company will be required to submit copies of your company’s written health and safety program.
  • Detailed instructions will be communicated during your company’s subscription setup.
  • Owner Client Specific Documents
  • Training Documentation
  • Supplier Diversity Certificates

+Examples of country specific documentation include:

  • U.S. Specific Documentation:
    • OSHA Forms (300 & 300A)
    • EMR Letters

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